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Travel From Home: 6 Ways To Experience Virtual Travel

Travel From Home: 6 Ways To Experience Virtual Travel

Last night I travelled again. Of course virtually! Is travelling from being at home is possible? Well, situations make you learn opposite outcomes and you discover new ways to keep yourself pumped up. Not travelling to any place and staying home during the lockdown made everyone confined to limited space but for their safety.

Living away from family dedicating all the time for self-growth focusing on peace and mental health is not always easy. As a traveller, you always feel that urge of going out but in current circumstances, we shouldn’t till the things stabilize like before. But you cannot stop the love of those who are wanderlust because they are impulsive and plan out somehow!

traveling from home

Spending time on writing about travel blogs, reading and planing itineraries, keep inspiring yourself and let others inspired by you!

Inside Is Not Always Boring

1. It was fortunate for me to travel to some of the amazing places a few weeks before the house arrest. I started working for my travel blog as beautifully as I could, jotting all sorts of ideas regarding the same. It made me read many other travel blogs, online magazines bequeathing me connected to the travel world even more. I am still writing, learning, and approving for the better. Soon I realize the need for fresh air and open sky.

Did You Look Around?

2. One fine evening on the terrace my eyeballs stuck to the splendid sunset and the clear sky afterwards. I decided to catch the beauty around me more often and ended up creating an amazing sunset series full of incredible hues and tones. Posting them on social platforms and receiving appreciation encouraged me a lot.

view from terrace

Look around and you will find the magic everywhere, sometimes on your terrace, maybe in the backyard too!

Memories Are Like Candy Boxes, One Is Never Enough

3. Most of us have dug up in our picture suitcases filled with memories. Those from our previous trips to relive the moments ultimately posting and talking about its greatness one more time. Travel throwback pictures are like an essential and help me cheering my mood to ecstasy.

I miss traveling!

When I was lost in those sumptuous mountains of Dhaulagiri ranges.

You can let others travel virtually and they might help in choosing their destination for self. It still gives me goosebumps while remembering them and sharing the story behind it which is sometimes my ideas full of imagination and sometimes the raw edge dream. I feel I am closer to them when talk or write about it. It’s simply delightful!

Pre-planning Makes It Even Better

4. While reading, writing, and researching about the travel diaries I landed up making itineraries for upcoming travel as well. Being not sure from when we can travel hassle-free again doesn’t stop me from having a positive upshot. Whether its Andaman beaches or trek to Himalayan ranges or maybe to some wildlife sanctuary which is yet to research about, my travel itineraries would be ready and already making me feel talk about it, explore about it! You gonna thank yourself while actually travelling to these places later on.

future traveling itineraries

To watch such a palette of the sky, sunset at Gokarna beach is on my bucket list for sure.

New Books, Some New Friends!

5. Interacting with fellow travellers, travel influencers, joining their live sessions to attend virtual workshops, listening to their travel stories is one of my favourite things that brighten up my mood, apprising me to know more about the world, and someone sitting in the opposite corner sometimes! Its good to learn some of the innovative ideas for a travel journal and get inspired to start something of your own. I also started watching a show called ‘Departures’ and I must say it is one of the rawest and unscripted travel shows I have ever seen. Next on my list is ‘Parts Unknown’, suggested by a travel blogger in one of their live session. One can watch some beautiful travel-based movies available on Netflix letting you discover a thrilling travel destination, culture, and food from your bed!

traveling shows

An amazing journey of two Canadian guys, seeking experiences on the road!

Bonus Point:

I am also making travel illustrations and organizing online travel series using them. By sharing throwback travel destination pictures in the form of illustration is making me live up those moments again and helping me in learning something new at the same time! You can also try out to learn a new skill like blogging, photography, editing pictures like professional and writing. Maybe a new language that could always be helpful, whatever interest suits you!

travel illustration

Back in Pokhara when I was so elated after meeting these bunch of lovelies, this particular illustration is close to my heart.

Check out more such illustrations here.

This, Too, Shall Pass!

We all know nothing could take place the freedom of breathing in a new place, a valley, a city or any village situated far away from chaos, smelling the woods in a dense forest of pines and cedars, climbing mountains covered in sweat and dust, gushing sound of the river and the tranquillity of lagoons and oceans, they are exquisite, to be honest. But what this pandemic made us realize that nature is beyond our imagination and transcendent which also need breaks and space for healing! It made us learn the importance of our mother nature and how privileged we are to roam around the world. I hope we all should become more responsible as a traveller and respect the natural creations in every possible way!

We all are in this together, you can still do a lot from wherever you are, just hang on, this shall too pass! Travelling will become smooth once again very soon!

Plan your weekend getaway without worries when the world opens up.

How are you planning to travel again? Share your ideas in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

Sanvi Sinha

Life is full of mystery and exploring them helps in discovering myself, making me excited and thrilled at the same time. Living a cliched life has never been my option and traveling teaches me much more about the unseen & unfold questions of it. Let's travel together on this journey to discover many untold stories through my lens. Happy Soul!



    11th Jul 2020 - 6:55 PM

    Traveling is very tough decision during lockdown but you’re travelled my friend having a strong heart to do this, it’s seems like nothing is happening in our world serious but one thing positively come out you gives a positive attitude…. Stay safe

    • Sanvi Sinha

      27th Jul 2020 - 11:50 AM

      We traveled before the lockdown and are hoping people travel in a more responsible way in the coming days.

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