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Best Place to Stay in Kodaikanal: Holiday Home Resort

Best Place to Stay in Kodaikanal: Holiday Home Resort

The moment we receive our Annual Calendar from the company we start to mark all the long weekends, count our leaves, and daydream about traveling. At least I do this religiously every year. Living in Bangalore gave me immense opportunities to see the beauty of South India. I always prefer backpacking adventure over leisure trips but my stay at Holiday Home Resort had changed my perception to a bit.


The literal meaning of the word “Kodaikanal” is “Gift of the Forest”. And in actual Kodaikanal is no less than a gift tucked in the hills of the Dindigul district in Tamil Nadu. People often call this place “Princess of the Hill Stations”, and we can count a hundred reasons for this title. One of the major reasons why I loved Kodaikanal was the weather. The sudden shift in the breeze as we reached from Bangalore to Kodaikanal left me spellbound in the first place.

Kodaikanal is a place of arboraceous valleys, alluring lakes, hidden waterfalls, and green hills.

City View Point Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

The gorgeous view of Kodikanal as seen from City View Point.

Finding the Right Place to Stay

In pursuit of finding the preeminent stay in Kodaikanal, we searched on google, spoke to a few local people, visited some properties before landing at Holiday Home Resort.

Holiday Home Resort is situated on the famous Golf Link Road in Kodaikanal. Despite being in the center of the town this resort has the most picturesque location one can ever imagine. It was a downright perfect alloy of contemporary antique architecture. And the history behind the resort is extremely interesting.

Holiday Home Resort

Holiday Home Resort is set across the foothill of Palani Range in Kodaikanal. The staff at the resort were courteous and welcomed us warmly. While speaking to him about the property he informed us that this place was used to be barracks for British Soldiers. It was bought in 1947 and has been running as a resort for many decades now.

Holiday Home Resort Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Holiday Home Resort has beautiful cottages aligned along the brook.

The Resort will Remind you of Long Gone Era

Kodaikanal was established by American Christian missionaries and British bureaucrats in 1845, as a vacation town from the high-temperature cities of India.

Palani Hills of Western Ghats formed the ideal cloud-capped peaks that helped to keep the weather cooler in Kodaikanal. No wonder Kodaikanal has been a gift from the gods for a long time. The resort is spread across a huge area sharing boundaries with the forest, fencing has been done to keep the wild animals at the bay so nothing to worry. The stunning spread of well-maintained gardens throughout the property is a treat for the eyes.

Not only gardens, but there is also a crystal clear water stream flowing from inside of the resort. You will be intrigued by the proximity of the entire resort to the forest. It feels surreal to be there amid the raw nature at one hand and luxuries amenities on the other.

Holiday Home Resort Kodaikanal

The exceptional location of the resort makes it  popular among the tourists.


There is a whole playground with swings and dozens of other rides along with a badminton court. And if this was not enough there is a whole recreational activities room with a TT table and a lot more. The property manager allowed us to explore the resort before the check-in. He assured us that we were fully satisfied with the facilities before making the payment. This resort is ideal for everyone be it family, couples, solo travelers, or group of friends.

There are two lanes of cottages; one stream facing lanes and other the garden facing lanes. We stayed in one of the cottages facing the stream and had a forest area right in front. The cottages were spacious and cozy. It had all the amenities like free WiFi, hot water, coffee maker machine, etc. You’ll have the feeling of a home away from home. I woke up early to take a stroll around the cottages and to breathe in the fresh air. This is something that we all miss while living in the big cities.

Holiday Home Resort Room

A glimpse of the resort


The tariff for a one-night stay is Rs. 10K including breakfast buffet. They also have cabs facilities, you can avail the service for pick up & drop off with prior request. Book your stay at Holiday Home Resort. We had the most memorable time at this resort. For the first time, I wanted to ditch the adventures and enjoy my leisure time here. Also, if you decide to stay here, don’t forget to pull your chairs outside the cottage at night. Sit back, relax, and relish star gazing for Kodaikanal has one of the most entrancing skies.

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