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6 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Your Best Friend?

6 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Your Best Friend?

“A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you.” – Unknown

No wonder what travelling means is different when you have a company. When your company is known and comfortable like your best friend, it becomes more pleasant and worth sharing. And when you get someone whose mind is as wild as yours and matches your enthusiasm level up to the brim, the happiness crosses its limit. But nowadays we rarely get that chance due to everybody’s busy schedule, time limit, and priority of course. Lucky are those who have such people in their life. And I am blessed enough to have more than what I have ever expected. Travelling with someone who has the same interests as you, bring out the different yet connecting thought process about life, culture, traditions, ideals, and so on.

Best Friend Forever 

A best friend is someone you know inside and out, someone whose history you are familiar with, and someone who knows you just as well also. Travelling with your best friend will be tough at times, but, because you both know each other so well, it is much easier to make it work.

My Best Friend is Better Than Yours

Mariam and I first met in our college orientation and I still remember how our first meeting was. The fact I have always heard that how similar personalities end up clashing before blending & bonding came true that day. It was just a matter of time when we realize our sarcasm level matches just like our tinder dates. We couldn’t become best friends any sooner but our friendship grew eventually and here we are now, traveling together and knowing each other like never before.

Travelling with best friend makes you learn more about them.
Watching sunset together.

Things You Would Relate The Most

Is one time enough?

We all have read or heard about why we should travel with our best friend once in a lifetime but I think one time would never be enough. There would be an enormous situation to think alike, things to share and talk, stuff to do.

Check out some interesting facts below:
  • Going broke together and still end up laughing at your condition.
  • You can pretend to be strangers and make fun of them in like no other way.
  • Just share out everything from food to clothes to your weird ideas without getting judged.
  • You can make up stories whenever is required without letting each other know and you will get the same response.
  • Crashing in a hotel, villa, cottage, lodge, hostels, wherever the hell you want to.
  • You guys can spill food on yourself and eat it back in seconds, voila nobody cares.
  • Being hotties to badass, dudes to drums, everything is possible out there.
  • Bargaining becomes easier together to the cab or rickshaw drivers.
  • Constant entertainment and fun are guaranteed and scooter rides are always better together.
  • Nothing can embarrass you with your best friend, right!
  • No rules, no formalities, no awkwardness.
  • Same mental level and madness.
  • You can trust her/him with anything and they still would be your best friend.

Why You Should Travel With Your BFF?

1. Pre-planning is crazier than you can ever think of

People often talk about how exciting it is to plan everything before the head. But believe me, if you are planning it with your BFF, it becomes way more offbeat yet funny at the same time. Both of you put all your heads to make it extra memorable and keep pinging till the last hours of the journey. Making a bucket list knowing the fact most of them are going to come back as is even funnier throughout the trip. Because you love making spontaneous decisions and they are the best together. You not only divide work like searching about the place, people, markets, travelling methods or accommodation but other materialistic things as well to backpack for each other. That makes everything look easier.

 2. Budget-Friendly, over and out!

Damn!! One of the most important things to work upon while planning is budget. And who does it better than your BFF. I mean both of you can stop each other anytime from paying off extra money for no reason. You can split bills and can keep a very healthy track to avoid any confusion later on without thinking twice.

3. Never Ending Talks are never enough!

Whether it is a 24-hour train journey or a 36-hour bus journey, nothing could make you feel alone even if you guys are not talking.

And yeah, when you do you like better not to end it any sooner. You even lost the time track in between the talks and the snacks. Checking out others becomes way lot easier when you have someone to talk about instantly in a most hilarious way.

4. Ultimate Photographer for like free, voila

You come back with unlimited memories in the form of thousands of pictures taken together which makes you relive the moment every time you see them. We all are social media freak and die to get one perfect picture for the gram or snap. Well, guess who gets lucky while travelling with your bestie. You demand, you pose and bingo you get as many as you want without getting judged. Hot, weird, and funny selfies fill your gallery and make them look stunning for so long.

5. The bond grows stronger and deeper like never before

Every relationship needs time, trust, and understanding to know each other better off. You know, you always have a helping hand and a back to keep you up on track if something goes wrong. Travelling is about facing challenges point to point, tackling your fears, decisions, and coming out of your comfort zone and you both know how to keep up the pace with each other. Together you keep pushing each other in all the situations which make you feel motivated to carry on. Your struggle together and get to know each other incredibly so well and better.

6. You Learn, you grow, and come back with a luggage full of memories and stories to tell

Your journey becomes one of the best from the last one and you already start making plans for the next one. You not only know what is your each other’s liking and disliking but you also get a different perspective of life, things, people, fears, and travelling. Nothing can make you guys inseparable even if you have a long-distance friendship. Even if you get off track with your diet on your trips, your face muscle does yoga daily with the laughing doses and funny photo sessions that you have together.

Amazingly, you never need to ask for the ‘me time’ if you feel like having one as you both already know what you want from each other. All the stories are worth remembering to talk about for hours in your next meet up. And the candy box of memories keeps up the different flavours whenever you want to open up and taste it.

Learning For Lifetime

As much as the solo trips help you to grow as an individual, travelling with someone who knows you better, understands you deeper, changes you to become stronger, braver, and a more confident person every time you meet them. You can easily tell them when to stop and when to not be a lazy bum. Your similarities match most of the time and when it doesn’t, you know how to compromise or speak up about it.

What to do if anything goes wrong?

Have some patience! Also, sometimes one of you hardly get tired even after roaming for the whole day. Yeah, better stamina maybe! Even if you are ready to go another round and your crime partner becomes lazy after a hectic day, that’s fine. You get to find something in between to balance things out. Because they would have supported you on the same thing the other day. Believe me, things will work out if you will just talk over dinner with or without a glass of wine. Like us, I & M would have missed fancy dinners all the time to just go for cable car rides, paragliding, or even Disneyland.

You get a good detox from all of your social sites. In the end, we create vivid & heartwarming memories for a lifetime to treasure. Make sure to have some wonderful experiences to cherish while travelling with your BFF.

Check out some of the best places to travel in India with your best friend.

Travel with your best friend to make your bond stronger.
In between the moving clouds.

Where would you like to travel with your best friend? Have you ever traveled with your best friend? Where have you been? Are you planning your next trip already? Let us know in the comment section, we would love to hear from you.

Sanvi Sinha

Life is full of mystery and exploring them helps in discovering myself, making me excited and thrilled at the same time. Living a cliched life has never been my option and traveling teaches me much more about the unseen & unfold questions of it. Let's travel together on this journey to discover many untold stories through my lens. Happy Soul!

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