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Caravan Tourism in India: Everything You Want To Know About

Caravan Tourism in India: Everything You Want To Know About

‘Caravan is going to rule, it’s classic, a little wild, and a dream come true for all that wonderful road trips with your loved ones’. 

Travelling has resumed, opening many state borders without any hurdle. There are some rules, changes but now it is mostly upon us and how responsible we are while we travel. Caravanning culture within the country is taking over the idea of covering destinations and is considered one of the best options. Caravans or Campervans are going to be in charge of those family trips and little getaways with friends and no strangers. Of course, you can get along with strangers as well and make new friends on pool trips if you are comfortable!

What is a Caravan?

Caravans are vehicles made for recreational purposes providing homes to people on their vacations. They are enclosed vans with amenities like a kitchenette, cosy seaters cum beds, solar batteries electricity, washrooms, and enough space to put up your luggage and other stuff on wheels. Some of them also have air-conditioning, awning, and lounge facilities depending upon their sizes.  Larger space and range, higher the facilities.

You get to take these campervans beside mountains & riverside, sanctuaries, remote areas (if possible then why not), somewhere silent into the woods and greens but you need to pull up an appropriate spot for sure.

Caravans in India

Let’s talk about the different Caravans in different cities of India.

Trippy Wheels

Trippy wheels, a Bangalore based campervan company is known to be the first affordable caravan rental company. However, we have already got to experience this even before the pandemic, and it was overwhelming.

What to expect?

  • A journey of a lifetime with great vibes and cheaper rate comparatively.
  • You cannot only travel in Karnataka but can take the caravans to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Goa as well. They are planning to expand their services in other states very soon.
  • The kitchenette comes with stoves, utensils and primary ingredients. Nonetheless, you have to buy your fresh veggies, and you can have your own barbeque under the stars!
  • Proper Tie-ups with homestays and campsites where you can use the washroom as there is no onboard toilet.
  • Extra tents are available to camp out. Board games, music system, charging points, lights & fans give all sorts of homestay feel.
  • Caravans come with a driver but there is also an option of self-drive as well. Caravan Pool trips are also available where you can travel with like-minded travellers. Isn’t it great? 

Cost: 5k/day (4 seaters), 8k/day (6 seaters), 9k/day (8 seaters)

We hired a Caravan to spend a beautiful weekend amid the Western Ghat

Luxe Camper

From luxurious beds to wifi to tv to ac to the 360-degree camera to the lounge to everything that makes you feel like a luxury home on wheels is there on Luxe Campervans. Luxe Camper is probably one of the most expensive options in South India but known as the first commercially approved luxury motor home in India. Moreover, caravans are no longer small trailers but expanding their spaces and tires very fast!

Motorhome Adventures

A Delhi based organization providing customized caravans on rents has been around since 1998. Not only do they provide motorhomes according to your need but also come up with best itineraries for families and small groups in many remote parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan. Book them for any kind of personalised motorhome adventures.  

Wacation on Wheels

WOW, Caravan holidays allow you to travel on wheels anywhere in Central, Western and Northern India. Hotel-like rooms and that’s too on the wheel, sounds great, right? Imagine spending a night watching millions of stars on the hills of Manali, or having a karaoke night beside sparkling rivers of Leh! Check out Wacation on Wheels Caravans.

Camper Trails

Camper Trails has started their service back in 2018 and is known for their trips in South India. Their trailer is attached to a truck driven by a Camper trails driver. You can take a trip to Sakleshpur, Coorg, Chikmagalur, Mangalore, Kabini, Gokarna, Bandipur and Dandeli and some more hiking trails near Bangalore. Oh well, they also provide wifi services with other amenities.

Green Dot Expedition

Green Dot Expeditions are supposed to have the most expandable RV in India betting to provide the most comfortable stay at exclusive destinations. They have carefully designed their Caravans, ( they call it overland trucks) for outdoor activities in remote areas. So cool! Read more about it and book your next staycation on wheels.

Camping Go

Driving a caravan by yourself, wish granted, right?  Camping Go is the option you are looking for and that’s too anywhere in Northeast India and Bhutan. Overlanders equipped with all the primary amenities are best for two people at a very minimal cost giving all ‘into the wild’ feelings.

Destinations with Caravan Friendly facilities

There are very few places offering park facilities for caravans, so it’s better to know that before choosing your next destination. Keep checking every time as many tourist places are planning to join hands for such caravan tours. So, the list keeps updating. 

Gokarna, Hampi, Sakleshpur, Rishikesh, Jaisalmer, Kutch, Coorg, Darjeeling are some of them and many tourist places are on their way to provide such facilities as well. We hope to see the new changes in this direction too.

Caravans in white desert
Home is wherever I'm with you- Caravans!

Travelling with Caravan offers freedom and flexibility when you hit the road with comfort and home-like feeling. Caravan tourism has immense potential in India in coming years, benefitting in domestic and international tourism both. Let’s say it is just the beginning and we have a long way to go in Caravaning culture, but it has already laid out its seed which is growing fast! As a matter of fact, the pandemic has changed the way people think about travelling. Furthermore, booking private taxis & caravanning is going to be in trend. 

What do you think about Caravanning in India? Is it yes or no for your upcoming trips? Let us know in the comment section.


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