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Udaipur Trip: Exploring the City in 2 Days

Udaipur Trip: Exploring the City in 2 Days

Udaipur, the city of lakes is one of the most astonishing cities of Rajasthan. Surrounded by huge, exquisite Aravali Hills, people also call it ‘Venice of the East’. I visited this gorgeous city in August to celebrate my birthday week. This trip was not planned as I got to cancel the made plan very last minute due to drastic weather change. I am glad that I ended up at this place and had some amazing experiences, viewed some breathtaking scenes, learned a lot of new things. Sometimes the unplanned Journeys give the best memories.

How To Reach Udaipur?

There are several ways to reach Udaipur via flight, trains, and buses. The nearest airport i.e Maharana Pratap Airport is 20 km away from the city centre. The railway station is also within a 5 km radius and connects to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, etc. Rajasthan road transport Corporation (RSRTC) bus service is also available from nearby cities and is one of the most convenient options to travel by. Once you reach the place you can hire an auto-rickshaw popularly known as a tuk-tuk or take one of the many city buses or taxis to the main city.

Best Time To Visit Udaipur

The best time to visit Udaipur is the winter season as the temperature remains comfortable and apt to visit all the palaces and monuments. In summers the city experience scorching heat making it impossible to even step out. The month of September to the first week of March is considered to be the best month to hop around the city and its nearby places.

Monsoons can be considered the best time to visit Udaipur for the love of rain shower which makes the whole city even more appealing. As a matter of fact, the lush green Aravali Ranges are a gift to eyes and the entire city looks fresh and beautiful. Lakes are filled with water although some areas might get closed. But still, it is recommended to visit in the monsoon to experience a very different Udaipur.

Places To Stay In Udaipur

Udaipur has a lot of luxurious resorts and hotels to stay where one can get all sorts of royal experience. Apart from this one can find many hostels and small houses for accommodation as well.

I was at this place called ‘Moustache’ in Udaipur. Again, they have hostels in other cities as well but it was my first-time stay at this place. This place had great vibes, don’t know if it was because of the ambience or the people. You get attached to a place not only by its beauty but people as well. They make your journey special and add extra flavours to your life. The place is amazing to chill out and hang around with your friends and groups of colleagues as well.

Places To Visit In Udaipur

This city is full of amazing places, cafes, and restaurants to hop around and I got to visit some of them.

City Palace

City Palace is located in the bank of Lake Pichola and is one of the most visited and romantic places of Udaipur. The architecture is magnificent and would make you wonder about the royal life of the kingdom of Rajputs. The antique inside shows the influence of the medieval and European period. Paintings at the wall depict the story of that time in which animals have played a very important role. I was impressed by the architecture and the carvings on the little arc windows equally. The murals made out of colourful tiles show super work by our ancestors uniquely.

Udaipur looks serene from the top of palace

City Palace has Magnificient Architecture and offers Beautiful View of Udaipur City.

Monsoon Palace

The route to Monsoon Palace is what I have loved the most. You can go by taxis, autos, bikes and there are certain points where you would get the amazing pictures for your gram. As the name suggests and with my personal experience I could say that people get to see floating clouds by. And during monsoon, the view becomes extensive. Sajjangarh Wildlife sanctuary is usually a one day trek from the palace. Next time I would like to catch the sunset, as this place offers an inclusive view and is known for it too.

Kumbhalgarh Fort

An exciting auto-rickshaw ride starting from Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh is my favourite ride from the whole trip. People usually book cabs to go to this place and believe me there was not single auto parked when we had reached our destination outside the fort. It took around 2.5 hours to reach the Fort confronting all panoramic views along the ride. The fort is stretched over 30km and is supposed to have the third-longest wall in the world.

The westerly Aravali hills look majestic from the top of this fort. It could be a one day trip from Udaipur and there are many hotels and resorts nearby the fort area as well.

Udaipur is surrounded by beautiful forts and palaces all around.

View of Aravali Hills from Kumbhalgarh Fort

Around the city

The whole city is surrounded by lakes which makes it an incredible land of beauty. One cannot miss the very famous Jaisamand Lake which is the second-largest artificial lake in India. Apart from this Lake Pichola, Udai Sagar, and Fateh Sagar Lake are also a view to watch. They reflect purity in some other form and soothes the soul. The mesmerizing water ripples make you curious about the history and culture. These man-made wonders are a must-visit to endure some peaceful sight and views.

Bagore Ki Haveli and Saheliyon Ki Bari are some other nearby places in the city and could be cover in a day together. Also, it depends whether you just want to cover the places or want to learn about every possible aspect.

You can rent a bike as well to roam all around the city with minimal charges of INR 300-350 (depending upon your choices of bike) per day.

Lakes of Udaipur are beautiful

Lake Pichola.

Because No Trip Is Complete Without Food!

Talking about the taste bud in the city, there are enormous options to eat and treat. At Fateh Sagar Lake one could get the feeling of Juhu Beach, Mumbai. Food stalls with all types of fast foods and their very delicious hot coffees will make you lick your mouth for sure.

Savage Garden Restuarant serves some amazing Italian food and is a well-known place opened by some German couple long back.

Jheel’s Ginger coffee bar and bakery is one of the most famous cafes in the city. They have the outside area just beside the ghat and from the rooftop area, you can have a splendid view of the whole lake with cool breeze putting your mind at ease while having your food. ‘Hello, boho’ is another little cute looking cafe where you can crash for some amazing pancakes. 1559 AD is considered to be one of the finest restaurants in the city and they serve mouth-watering food with a great ambiance.

All Good Things Must Come To An End


What I liked the most about this trip was meeting new people, listening to their out of the box stories, feeling an instant connection, and realizing how fascinating this world is. It unfolds a different chapter at every step, wherever you go. You get to know how everyone is so unique even if their goal is the same i.e., travelling. It’s like clicking the same picture with a different perception and presenting it as another amazing platter.

New friends

Unrealistic thoughts, some mindblowing ideas, raw decisions, their passion everything all together made me very electrified & motivated. Everyone has their struggles, problems but still, are happy somehow. Your problem seems to be very small when you get to know others. There would be an unexpected outcome that is far away from imagination. Cheers to some new friends and I hope to see them again at some point in my life.

Udaipur has a lot more to offer and I couldn’t see everything in a few days so I would definitely visit there to explore all over again. This city is more than seeing extravagant places; you’ll get the feeling of attachment with everything you see there. You know deep inside that one time could never be enough.

Check out my one day tour to Jaipur the next day.


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