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Top 3 Cafes in Landour You Must Visit

Top 3 Cafes in Landour You Must Visit

Many of us are in love with the mountains. They are home to so many of the travellers, not because they were born there but their souls feel content only amidst the hills. Mountains give us a feeling of home; I belong somewhere up in those mighty mountains. Mussoorie is a famous hill station in India and is being rightly called Queen of Hills. The beauty of this town is mesmerizing. While Mussoorie has been rigorously promoted as a tourist destination, there are other places nearby that are not very well known. One such place is Landour. If you have ever read books of famous author Ruskin Bond, you’ll realize deodar trees whispering to each other are very much similar as described by him in many of his stories.

Recently Landour has witnessed a sudden flow of tourists, there are plenty of places to explore nearby. But the main attraction is cottages and homestays at exotic locations, how about the cottage on hill cliff? Exciting right? Go on and explore the properties with truly eye-treating views of Himalayas.


Landour is a small town, mainly a cantonment area and hence remained untouched for a long time. It is approximately 7 KM away from Mussoorie, but it feels like a different world altogether. While crossing by some famous hotel I read on a board outside “if we liked noise we wouldn’t live here, if you like the noise you shouldn’t be here.” That clearly meant Landour is a place to be if you’re seeking for some serenity in your life. Landour has got its name from a village called Llanddowror in south-west Wales. And just like the name, Landour has retained all the British era vibes, from architecture to culture you will find a touch of British India in everything.

How to Reach

By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, 60 km away. This airport has good connectivity with major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. You can take a taxi from the airport to reach Landour via Mussoorie. The roads towards Uttrakhand are well maintained and have beautiful views throughout the way.  Flights are usually expensive if you’re flying from Bangalore, almost 10K INR but from Delhi flight fare is 5K INR.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Dehradun, 40 km away. You will get many direct trains from Delhi as well as other cities. It takes 5-8 hours to reach Dehradun from Delhi and train fare costs approx. 600 for 3 tier AC and 250 for sleeper class. Once you reach the railway station hop on private buses or taxis to reach Landour. A cab will cost 1K+ INR depending on the season and government-run buses will charge around 60 INR per person.

By Road

Landour is well connected with Dehradun and Delhi by road. Plenty of bus services are available from most of the other neighbouring cities also. Not only the state transport buses ply to Landour, but even private bus operators also have their buses & taxis that run regularly. You can opt to self-drive as well, but only if you have experience of driving in the hills.

Beautiful views of Landour

Scenic views of the Hills.

Where to Stay

There are not many options to stay in Landour, most of them are boutique hotels with whopping tariffs. If you’re willing to spend more on accommodation then try Rokeby Manor which offers great hospitality and architecture inspired by British India era.  Doma’s Inn is relatively cheaper starting at 2500 INR per night for a  double occupancy room. Although Mussoorie has many places to stay at affordable prices.

Apt Time to Visit

Landour is a place where you can visit throughout the year depending upon what kind of weather you would like to experience. Summers are usually from April to June when the remains around 28 degree Celsius at day time and drops to 10-12 degree at the night.

Summers are the best time to explore the entire town without facing extreme weather conditions.

Monsoons and Winter are extreme. During Monsoons, it rains almost every day without fail. But the Himalayas look magnificent at this time of the year and the views are worth everything. And if you love snowfall I would recommend visiting during the winters to see this town changing into a place straight out of your dreams. Snow-capped the Himalayas, sipping hot coffee and reading your favourite book in one of the rustic cafes of Landour; Perfect !!!

Landour is not only a place for experiencing nature’s magic but also for some lip-smacking food. Let’s find out about the three most popular cafes in Landour and why they deserve to be on your must-visit list.

Landour Bakehouse

Who doesn’t love the smell of baking cakes and cosy ambience on a cold night? Landour Bakehouse is a shop straight out of fairy tales that we have read during childhood days. It usually remains crowded with people waiting eagerly for their food to arrive.

Landour bakehouse has a long history and all the food prepared here is based on a century-old recipe book. Yes, you read it right, the essence of this bakehouse is hundred years old when Mrs Lucas, wife of the pastor of Kellogg Church and Mrs Irene Parker, the wife of Allen Parker, principal of Woodstock School started a Reading Club to share recipes.

The recipes have been recently revised and published and republished as The Landour Cookbook, through 5 editions. This book is a collection of recipes with household tips, nutrition information and cooking methods at high altitudes. It has been decided that all the earnings from the sales of the books will be utilized as funds for the reading club.

Landour Bakehouse

Landour Bakehouse is a famous eatery in Landour, known for its freshly baked food.


I stood outside the café and gazed at the mountains outside; snow caps at the peaks signified that it had snowed in the upper regions. The bakery is surrounded by looming pine trees and snow-capped mountains. This café has been designed to give a glimpse of the 19th-century kitchen where constantly baking cookies send in aroma all around to fill your soul with happiness. And when I sat inside the café to sip on coffee while reading my favourite book, I felt like I am living a dream. An idea that can tempt anyone and everyone!!! Talking about the food at this place, many of the recipes are being followed from The Landour Cookbook.


They have types of tea, coffee, custards, pies and everything you could think of that can be baked.  I loved the freshly brewed cappuccino and cheese & garlic croissant. Do not forget to carry your favourite book, forget your phone for a while.  You’ll never regret to binge eat Virginia Brown and Banana Nut cake muffins.

Sit and enjoy your delicious food inside this cosy bakehouse.

Doma’s Inn

You will find yourself amidst the rich Tibetan cultural vibes once you enter Doma’s Inn. Charming décor, delicious food, and courteous staff, you can expect all in one place. It is located near Chaar Dukaan area, overlooking the hills, Dehradun valley somewhere far away below, local villages and quaint surroundings. Doma’s Inn is famous for the accommodation experiences that it offers relatively cheaper prices. Although I didn’t stay here I stopped by to have authentic Tibetan cuisine at its café.

The Bond Fact

One interesting fact about Doma’s Inn is that it shares a building with Ivy Cottage, the place where Ruskin Bond has been living for the last 30 years. We all have grown up reading stories by Ruskin Bond and the fact that now I know where he lives and writes makes me happy, super happy kid. In a moment I was able to connect with all the scenic beauty of Landour and Mussoorie described by him in the stories.

Colorful Building of Doma's Inn, Landour

The quirky decor outside & inside the cafe is itself very appealing.

Ambience & the Food

The bright quirky décor inside and outside the building makes it stand out especially during the night. All vibrant colours popping out in the dark grabbing the attention of the tourists. The façade of the building is covered with colourful, traditional Tibetan thangka paintings depicting Buddhist scenes.

I loved Veg Thupka, steamed momos and chop suey, end your supper with delicious Honey flat noddles with ice-cream.

Doma's Inn, Landour

The vibrant colours & the decor of cafes in Landour are out of the world. 

Cafe Ivy

When you google Mussoorie or Landour, cafe Ivy comes in the top results of places to visit. And this cafe is worth all the hype. This cafe has perfectly designed interiors and well-thought food menu. The cafe is owned by 3 local guys who after pursuing their higher studies came back to the town to start off a cafe; it’s a big hit now. People love the location of this place, right beside a cliff overlooking the valley. This place turns magical during the snowfall. Look at the pictures below!!!

Entrance Door of Cafe Ivy, Landour

The entrance of Cafe Ivy looks so dreamy especially at night when it is lit with the fairy light.

Ambience & the Food

Interiors of the cafe are inspired by minimalism and rustic theme. The quirky text fonts, comfortable sitting area, beautiful use of woods, and hanging lights are some of the major attractions. The moment you reach the entrance, you will see a board flashing Cafe Ivy in a quirky font and then you step on the pathway lit with fairy lights to go inside a tiny magical world.

Talking about food, it’s simply the best in the town. You can spend hours here hogging on food while chatting away the entire afternoon with your friends. I personally loved hot chocolate cappuccino, Spaghetti Aglio-e-Olio and chocolate pancakes.

Who wouldn’t love to sip a coffee at a cafe overlooking the beautiful Himalayas?

The Serenity of Landour

This place is a bliss for solo travellers and writers; you can sit in one of the corners and pour your heart out on your diary. Imagine sitting in a cosy corner, relishing your hot chocolate or coffee, admiring the pine forest in front of you and feeling grateful about that very moment. This entire aura is everything you need to write your next masterpiece.

In the quiet, serene Landour, away from the Mussoorie crowd, you will definitely enjoy a beautiful escape that’s so worth it!

There is nothing much to do in Landour, but sometimes that is all we want in life. A small vacation in an utterly quaint hill station where we can just walk in woollens, talk to strangers, eat the best food and soak ourselves in the tranquillity of nature. And Landour is one such gem place covered in a thick layer of the forest, holding the secrets of Himalayas.



Have you ever visited Landour? How was your experience of getting back into the time of Colonial India at Landour? Leave your comments in the box below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.

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