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Everything You Need To Know About Bir Billing: Photo Blog

Everything You Need To Know About Bir Billing: Photo Blog

Two Girls in blue jacket in Bir

Bir has always been on our list of adventures. It is majorly famous for Paragliding where you get an opportunity to plunge from a height of 8000 feet. We planned to explore Bir Billing in just 48 hours. This quaint town is blessed with hiking trails, waterfalls & camping spots. Read on to know 48 hours itinerary in Bir Billing. Oh also, we took this selfie just after reaching Bir.

Day 1

Zostel Bir 2.0, 4 bed mixed dorm

We stayed at Zostel Bir 2.0 This was our 4 beds dormitory. It was cold yet so cozy inside. We paid Rs. 750 per person for one night, it wasn’t cheap (backpacker’s budget LOL) but the property was worth it. Sometimes you get to go overboard to experience the exquisite views. There are many other homestays, camping sites & hostels to choose from. We have heard that this Zostel had a spectacular location hence we chose to stay here. Not to forget you need to walk around 1km from the main road to reach here! Find your perfect stay here.

Zostel, Bir 2.0, amid the mountains
The views from Zostel 2.0 in Bir are breathtaking. There is one more Zostel here in Bir. This one is another addition to their chain. Both of these are walking distance apart from the bus stop, where private buses drop you off. Zostel 2.0 is surrounded by mountains, and one can clearly see the snow-capped Dhauladhar Range in winters. Zostel 2.0 is also known for its butterfly-shaped building (visible from Bird’s Eye View). There is a cafe where you can order your meal. The food was ok, and the prices were slightly high. I would recommend eating at other famous cafes in Bir. The entire stretch of the Tibetan market is filled with awesome cafes like Garden Cafe, Himalayan Pizza House, Musafir Cafe, etc. Book your stay at Zostel Bir 2.0
Prayer Flags in Bir Billing
We left from our dorm at 12 PM and decide to self-explore around Bir. This town has a major Tibetan cultural influence. There are numerous Monasteries that boast of epic architecture and beautifully curated statues. The walls inside the monasteries are covered with mythological paintings that depict stories of the past eras. So the day you reach Bir, you can walk around the Bir colony and visit monasteries and cafes serving lip-smacking food. You would spot these prayer flags throughout the streets and roads in Bir. It is believed that the mantras and prayers inscribed on the flags blown by the wind, spreading the goodwill and solicitude into all-pervading spaces. 

Self Exploring Around the Town

A girl clicking landscape picture
The best thing about Bir was that we covered most of the distance on foot. The weather was pleasant and, we love exploring places where vehicles cannot go. On the first day, we recommend visiting Palpung Sherabling Monastery, Nyingyang Monastery, Dzongsar and, Khyentse Chokyi Lodro Institute. These all are few kilometers away from each other in the lane of Bir Tibetan Colony. This colony bustles with cafes, gift shops, hostels & homestays. The same road leads to the Landing site for paragliders. We would suggest watching the sunset from the landing site. We couldn’t reach there on time but witnessed the incredible colors of the sky from Palpung Sherabling Monastery.
Garden Cafe, Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

One of the finest places to eat at is Garden Cafe. From ambiance to food everything is absolutely perfect. We recommend pasta salad, Nutella pancakes, and garden-fresh pizza. Garden cafe uses homegrown vegetables and that guarantees a scrumptious taste in everything that they have on the menu. The ambiance is beautifully blue and rustic. Don’t miss the chance of getting quirky pictures and nosh-up.

The Monasteries

Nyingyang Monastery, Bir Billing

The colorful building of Palpung Sherabling Monastery and the blue sky looked uncanny right after the rainfall.

An evening at Nyingyang Monastery, Bir Billing

As the sun was about to set the sky started to change into a palette of vivid colors. These colors were popping out of the dark clouds. There was a chill in the breeze and we were running around to save ourselves from the rain shower.

Sunset at Nyingyang Monastery, Bir Billing
Sometimes happiness stands right next to you, make sure to keep your eyes wide open and your soul self-seeking. This picture captured the perfect blends of the color of nature. Watching a sunset is bliss even when it’s hiding behind the clouds. You can see the whole blend of a colorful blend of drama going up there!

Day 2

A sheep in the rural area of Bir Billing
These innocent faces were found at the back of our room in Zostel 2.0, Bir. I was watching them from my window and the next day I jumped off the strings and reached there. The old lady laughed out and helped me in seeing them. I was at her property!  

Early Morning Trek

A girl in Black Calvin Klein Sweatshirt in Himachal

Getting ready early morning for your trek is very important but sometimes the morning tea could push you back, just like our friend in the journey who was obsessed with tea! Jokes apart, we all were in this together. The fresh air in the atmosphere charges you up even if you were half slept, cranky baby initially. This face says a lot about our mood.

A girl sitting at a milestone of Bir

Catching some breath before starting our journey to Gunehar. Till this point, our pace was slow and steady due to the irresistible cherry blossom parks, alluring smells, and some colorful wooden houses. We met a kid who got pleased by seeing two pony hairstyle, laughing and elated while describing this to her granddad. Not only the Himalayan dogs but the people are also lovely here.

Gunehar Trek

Views of Gunehar Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Cool gust fondling our messy hair, playing jingles of lost emotions, aromatic cherry blossoms swaying away from the drops of morning sweat due to little walk we took to reach till here, and this one view showered the glory of enchantments! Gunehar valley is known for its art gallery and festivals worldwide. Situated at 2 km from Bir Billing, this place has its own charm. We were on our trek to Bongaru waterfall and automatically stopped to admire this beauty. A landscape full of deodars and pines, houses made up of mud and stones, this valley awaits for lot many surprises. Walls painted with bright colors motifs make the whole village appear like a canvas. Last year this small village hosted its second conceptual art exhibition. It takes place after every 3 years by the name of ‘Into the Woods’ which is a part of the ‘Trigarth Kangra valley festival’ now. The man behind this idea is Frank Schlichtmann who also owned a cafe and a hotel at this village making it popular among the artists and the paradise lovers. A single walk inside the valley would make you fall in love with a clearer mind and soul.

Kids of Himchal Pradesh

Clouds kissing sunrays above, mountains hugging horizon beneath, a place where one of the best lunch was served on the entire trip. After getting drained in sweat in cold March trek to Bongaru waterfall, we were heading straight towards the paragliding site of Bir. On our way, we stopped at one of the eatery place run by a very adorable lady who served us home-cooked food at a very reasonable rate. Here you will find adventure points like zip-lining and air cycling in between the cool breeze and refreshing air. We met these little siblings at the same spot and had a good talk about their life in hilly areas.

Paragliding at Bir Billing

A girl paragliding at Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Bright sunshine, clear sky with picturesque clouds, and an open mind are en route towards the take-off point of Paragliding. We had booked it in advance the day before since the weather could fluctuate at any moment. Usually, summer is considered the best season which starts from April-June, the place becomes crowded and costlier at the same time. Enjoy the gliding early morning or in the evening to catch that beautiful sunset while you are still above in the air. When was the last time you did something for the first time? Yes, the first time you do a thing is always exciting. Sometimes it is now or never and the truth is adventure lies in spontaneity. So, if you are in Bir don’t forget to relish this lifetime experience.

Chasing Sunsets in Bir

A girl on bicycle in neon pants

After a rushed morning, thrilling afternoon, we were ready for the gorgeous evening in Bir Billing. We rented a double-seated bicycle for one hour to roam around the paragliding landing site. We ended up at Tsering Jong Monastery located in the Tibetan colony for our sunset quest. Colorful place filled with peace and beauty, we extolled the virtue of sunset, smiled, and relaxed.

Cycle Rent: 250 INR

Sunset at Tsering Jong Monastery, Bir

The scent of those flowers, the touch of little tender buds, blooming rays of hope, connecting back to your wild soul, watching this view with no haste but a commitment of making it pausable right there!

Tsering Jong Monastery, Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh
The well maintained colourfully painted with precisely drawn motifs on the edges and pillars are combined to make this monastery called Tsering Jong. Beautiful design and sharp architecture make it stand out in the whole Tibetan colony of Bir Billing. People often come to offer prayers in the evening. The inside is huge and elaborated with parks and spaces for the residents. Neat surrounding with the smell of flowers and wood will keep your soul-deep awake making you immersed in those chants coming from the background. The whole environment surprises you with its beauty and forever charm.
Tsering Jong Monastery in Bir Billing

The vibes of Bir Billing make your inner thoughts felicitate and overcome the hidden insecurities. Monks enchanting pious evening prayers would make you steal moments for self-indulgence. The mildly waving flags talking to the breeze encourage peace, compassion, wisdom & strength. With the hope of getting some positive energy, happiness, and well- being we also wanted to inhale the goodness of the space. An evening spent at the monastery after running like for an hour was well deserved and satisfying.

Sunset in Bir Billing
Bir is known to have one of the best sunsets with clear skies and rustle cherry blossoms. You cannot be at the best places every time though so it’s better to enjoy wherever you can. The mind was stuck at thought of ample unforgettable moments that comes to an end with this gorgeous beauty. Everything was calm, serene, and full of pink, purple, and yellow shades. The shaft of fire that glows, bursts of gold on lavender melting into saffron, a sight to behold for life indeed!
Known sunset point in Bir is paragliding landing site but don’t forget to enjoy it if you somehow cannot reach there just like us!
Himalayan Cafe in Bir Billing near the landing site
Our day ends at a very fulfilling note. We enjoyed our dinner at a nearby cafe called ‘Himalayan Pizza’. This colorful cool & bright place served lip-smacking burgers and wood-fired pizzas. We missed out on some of the things but we were happy. Later on, we lit a bonfire back at Zostel and did some jamming with fellow travelers. It’s always good to connect with the new people in whatever way you can. Our last day at Zostel was the moment to remember everything.
Two girls gazing the Dhauladhar Range in Himachal Pradesh

We were ready for our next chapter, to explore a new place, to climb a new mountain and, to weave a new story. The authenticity of a place could be seen when you get out, meet the unpaved trails. We will be spending more time in Bir the next time because this place has got a lot more to say. This picture was taken on our way to Barot valley from Bir.

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